Air Jordan Break Bronze sculpture By Ignacio Gana

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The Game, the fusion of art and sport, an exhibition by Ignacio Gana 

  Ignacio Gana, the Chilean artist, presents an exhibition where art and sport 

converge with the passion of both worlds: The Game 


Ignacio Gana, one of the most prominent, recognized, and innovative Latin American personalities in today's art world, uses sculpture and painting as an expressive medium to develop high-content narratives through his appreciation of the human form and sport. His pieces are an infallible part of private collections, as well as spaces such as the Museum of Modern Latin American Art (MOLAA), the Ralli Museum and the Guggenheim in Venice, among others, are some key points in which his work has been recognized. .  

In addition to the multiple awards received and being considered “ One of the most influential artists in Miami “, in 2017 the Latin American Academy of Music and Recordings (Latin Grammy) appointed him the title of “Artist of the year”  of the 18th delivery of the Latin Grammy Awards. As now with sports, that interaction with a musical event of this magnitude was a fusion between art and music, reflected in everything that had to do with the graphic image of the event. "It continues to be a great recognition of my work and career as an artist," it was incredible to be on the red carpet at the Grammy and to be awarded at one of the most important events in the United States, "says Gana. 


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